Lost In Ethonia - Beginning story:

CAPTAIN: Man the crows nest. Jeoff has the Heaves.
FIRST MATE: It's starvation sickness, sir. We have reduced rations as much as we can, but we still may not have enough to return home.
CAPTAIN: They can starve here, or they can starve at home. If we don't find new ground soon, we won't be able to produce enough fare to support the capital let alone the entire country. To the nest, Ethon.
ETHON: Yes sir!

CREWMAN: Foul weather ahead Captain!
CAPTAIN: Ethon? Do you have a visual?
ETHON: Yes sir! It's a fierce storm!
CAPTAIN: Veer portside!
HELMSMAN: Aye sir.
ETHON: It's coming fast captain. And it's swelling!
CAPTAIN: Steady on! She will hold. Man the rigging! Ready for storm-sail!
ETHON: Here she comes!
CAPTAIN: Steady!

FIRST MATE: We're taking on water!
CAPTAIN: Man the pumps!
CREWMAN: Man overboard!
CAPTAIN: Stand-by on lifelines! Ethon?
ETHON: I can't see him, Captain!
CAPTAIN: Keep an eye for him!
CREWMAN: There's something out there!
CAPTAIN: Stow that talk!
CAPTAIN: Ethon! What's going on?
ETHON: I can't tell, Captain. It's all shadows.
CAPTAIN: Steady on!
ETHON: Captain! Daylight to starboard!
CAPTAIN: Hard to starboard!
HELMSMAN: Aye sir!
CAPTAIN: Keep those pumps churning!
ETHON: Dead ahead! Clear sky!
CAPTAIN: Steady as she goes!
HELMSMAN: Steady as she goes!

CAPTAIN: What's the toll?
FIRST MATE: Storm sail held, but there's some damage to the main mast. Andru and Sckott are unaccounted for.
ETHON: Captain! Land!
CAPTAIN: Where away?
ETHON: Straight ahead!
CAPTAIN: All hands ready! Steady as she goes!

ETHON: There's a beach three clicks to starboard.
CAPTAIN: Ready a longboat. Hansin, relieve Ethon in the nest. Prepare to drop anchor!

CAPTAIN: Take Ethon, Jeoff, and Donold ashore. Scout for supplies and materials for repair.
FIRST MATE: Aye sir.
CAPTAIN: Once we've determined the size of this landmass, we'll return and assemble a party to reconnoiter inland. Congratulations gentlemen. You'll all be returning home as heroes.


FIRST MATE: Make sure the longboat is beached. We don't know how high the tide will be.
ETHON: There appears to be a stream running through those rocks. It could be fresh water.
FIRST MATE: Good. Take Donold, and see if you can find its source. Jeoff, you'll be with me. We'll find materials to repair the mast. Everyone keep an eye out for anything edible. Return here before nightfall.


ETHON: The source of the stream is further inland than we could reach today, but the water seems to be fresh.
DONOLD: We also saw some shrubs that may have edible fruit.
FIRST MATE: Good. We have what we need to repair the mast.
JEOFF: There also seems to be plenty of signs of game.
FIRST MATE: No sign of the ship yet. Prepare a campsite.


JEOFF: What's that?
JEOFF: Is someone there?
ETHON: What's going on?


ETHON: Uunh . . . Where am I? Where are my clothes?

Written by Jeremy Gohier

What is Ethonia?

Ethonia is a large unexplored land mass. In the world of UNNAMED PLANET

Ethonia is home to the Nauklin (Humanoid Reptiles and Amphibians) a very territorial race

More details to come soon.